Are You Eating Healthy Portion Sizes after the hcg diet plan?

Are You Eating Healthy Portion Sizes after the hcg diet plan?

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 4th Feb 2015

We all tend to over or under-eat during meals, because most of us aren’t aware of the right-sized servings of food that we are meant to be eating. Eating the right portion sizes of the correct kind of food at every meal, can help you lose weight and increase metabolism and energy levels, keeping you feeling alive and active throughout the day. When you finish the hcg diet plan we can all make a common mistake of binging on only fruits and veggies all day, or stick to lean meats, proteins and low-fat dairy, whenever and wherever possible, and still carry around all those extra kilos that we’re so desperately trying to lose. Why? Because we are simply eating too much of a good thing.

Here are some must-have foods, you should be incorporating into your daily eating habits, and the healthy portion sizes too:

Steak – Be it chicken, lamb, or beef, a good, healthy portion of steak would be 120grams, along with a good serving of green veggies, and mashed potatoes as carbs, for a healthy, nutritious meal.

Nuts – Snack on 30grams of unsalted almonds and walnuts everyday to get your daily dose of protein, good fat, and fibre.

Fish – A healthy serving of fish would be 150grams of either salmon or tuna. 150grams of fish contains your entire day’s quota of omega-3 recommendation, as well as protein and potassium.

Cheese – Eating a healthy portion of 30grams of cheese a day provides 230g calcium, 7g protein, and 507g energy.

So to ensure that we get our daily dose of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which are essential in contributing to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, we should be eating balanced portions of meats, fat, carbs, vegetables and fruits. Completely avoiding fatty foods and carbs, and over-eating the other, “healthy” stuff isn’t going to help you lose weight or keep healthy.