Buy HCG diet drops online in Australia and Drop That Fat.

Buy HCG diet drops online in Australia and Drop That Fat.

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 8th Dec 2014

Have you tried different exercises and diet programs yet those love handles and beer bellies still bounce happily? Don’t lose hope. You can still cut off the extra weight. There’s a surefire natural way to get it done.

HCG Diet Drops are essentials in the HCG Diet Program. The program is based on Dr. Simeon’s Manuscript. It works by using your body’s excess fat as fuel thus, leaving your unnecessary bumps trimmed.

When you buy HCG diet drops online in Australia together with the HCG Diet Program, you get the chance to get the figure you’ve always dreamed of having. You can be sure that HCG diet drops are Australian-made high quality products. It helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are two programs offered when you buy HCG diet drops online in Australia. The first one is a 23-day plan that helps you trim off up to 10 kilos in 23 days. If you are aiming to lose up to more than 7 kilos then the 42-day plan is for you. Your chosen plan comes with easy to understand instructions, calendar plans, a goals sheet, and all the recipes you will use.

There are 4 phases in this diet program:

One: 2-day Loading Phase – Intake of Healthy Fatty Foods.

This phase is a preparation stage for the second phase. This is the part where you store in many calories as you can.

Two: VLCD Phase – Following the instructions given in the program.

A Very Low Calorie Diet means taking only 500 calories a day while taking HCG Diet drops as prescribed in the plan you purchased. This is the phase where a lot of weight loss is achieved.

Three: Maintenance Phase – Keeping Fit and Healthy

In this phase, expect to have shed a lot of weight. This final phase will help you live a new healthy lifestyle to keep yourself fit. Enjoy the healthy life you deserve when you buy HCG diet drops online in Australia.

Four: The rest of your life and the new you!

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