Christmas temptations and weight gain | HCG Australia Wide

Christmas temptations and weight gain | HCG Australia Wide

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 15th Dec 2014

The feasting begins when the first giant tin of chocolates arrived in the office or by loved ones, then dragged on ‘til mid-January when your jeans won’t zip up like they did before. With all of the running around, shopping and wrapping, it's very easy to get caught off guard during the Christmas time. But if you are on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet plan that is not a position you can afford to be in. If you are finding it hard to stay on track during this time you may be best to stop the diet and just take it easy on what you eat and resume the HCG Diet in the New Year and it can become hard to stay on track this time of year, whether you're maintaining or trying to lose weight.

Plate up small when it comes to eating

Use smaller plates–this may sound silly but science has proven it time and again. History shows plate sizes have significantly increased over the years (so have our waistlines). Using smaller plates can make you feel fuller with less food.

The brain associates white space on a plate with less food–the smaller the plate, the smaller the white space, the less you eat. Keeping food away from reach will mean you can take a breather after your first portion is done and decide whether you really want more. The sheer fact that you have to get up to go to another room or area for more food can help reduce overall food intake. Out of sight, out of mind.

It's a great idea to order your HCG Diet ready to lose the weight gain over Christmas and have it ready there to start your weight loss.

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