Cooking on the HCG Diet?

Cooking on the HCG Diet?

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 21st Jul 2014

Cooking on the HCG diet program is not very different from cooking while NOT on the HCG diet program. In fact it can be much easier and anybody who says they can’t cook can still easily make a delicious meal from one of the recipes provided on the CD that comes with the HCG Australia Wide Programs or a quick meal that comes to mind.

The only difference in cooking on HCG diet program is you are not using oils of any type in your cooking methods. If you have a good non-stick fry pan or even a stainless steel pan you can sauté your proteins in water or home made chicken or beef stock and by Grilling your protein on an outside grill or using a George Foreman grill works really well and cooks really quickly.

You need to be creative by using spices and your vegetable of choice into your cooking as well. Experiment with different spices and combination of spices to get different flavours. Make sure the spices you use are pure spices with no added sugars or starches to them. Using fresh herbs, fresh garlic and ginger often will give any protein a nice flavour and remember to use your imagination and get those creative juices flowing and you’ll come up with some wonderful quick and delicious meals.

Don’t forget to remind yourself to cut all fat off protein before cooking and be sure to weigh your food before cooking it.

Another good tip is to do a big shop for your protein and weigh into 500g for the 23 and 42 day programs or 100g for the 60 day program and place the protein into freezer bags and label them with black marker and place in the freezer ready to grab and start cooking.

Some customers ask : How can I cook without oil?

I want to cook chicken and fish but how when I can't use any oil. You can boil, grill or steam or some people use a non stick fry pan with a spray of water. Everything is water based. Its not ideal, and not exactly tasty but try play up the flavours by adding ginger, garlic, herbs, chillies and many other herbs and spices.

Use your imagination and get those creative juices flowing in your cooking!