Depression Is a Very Serious Problem

Depression Is a Very Serious Problem

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 5th Jul 2015

It's tough when you fall into a major depression, which is commonly called clinical or unipolar depression. You're definitely not alone since this is one of the most common mental illnesses suffered by people all over the world. The total number of sufferers is only an estimate because the real number is probably higher since depression usually remains undiagnosed and untreated in a large percentage of people. Depression is a lot more than just feeling sad for a moment. Instead, it's a persistent state of mind that changes behavior that can significantly impair a person's thoughts, behavior, health and their daily activities.

There Are Many Types of Depression

People in urban areas to tend to suffer from depression more than those who live in rural areas. Interestingly enough, it appears that women suffer from depression at twice the rate that men do. A remarkably high one out of seven women will suffer from a major depressive episode at least one time during their lives. Depression is suffered by people in degrees, and diagnosis of the disease falls along a spectrum. Major depression is a mood disorder, as is bipolar disorder and dysthymia. The degree of duration and the intensity of suffering vary widely from one patient to the next. What is depression to someone who suffers from it? It's a major disruption to their general state of being and their mode of living. Other common types of depressions on the same spectrum are Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), psychotic depression, and a few types of bipolar disorder.

Treat Your Depression

The good news is that mood disorders are conditions that are extremely treatable. Each kind requires a unique treatment and approach. Some therapists will use antidepressant medications while others may suggest psychotherapy. The key is that depression is treated fast. The worst possible outcome of depression can result in suicide.