Getting Married and Need to Lose Weight in 2015? Some Solutions are Far Better than Others

Getting Married and Need to Lose Weight in 2015? Some Solutions are Far Better than Others

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 4th Jan 2015

Are you getting married and need to lose weight? You extend every effort to prepare for the big day. That also means looking absolutely fabulous in your dream gown. That definitely means losing a kilo or two and removing a few centimeters off your waistline.

That can easily turn into a really stressful situation fast. Some of the biggest culprits that brought you into that situation are the comfort foods. They’re loaded with glucose and sugar, which definitely make you gain weight.

There are different ways to shake off the extra baggage and get back to your perfect fit. If you are getting married and need to lose weight, you might try some of the tips below.

  • Sweat it off. Try walking or jogging for at least 30 minutes in the morning. Remember to do that every day.
  • Take some veggies and fruits. They are healthy and have fewer calories. Fruits are great substitutes for sweets and sugary snacks that have too much calories.
  • Eat in small yet considerable amounts. Use a smaller plate and eat smaller portions.
  • Skip anything that contains wheat or grain flour (Pasta, rice, cereals, beans, Potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato, okra, peas, and corn among other things).
  • If you feel full then stop eating. This requires a good deal of self-control.
  • Don’t eat around 8 pm onwards. It takes discipline but it’s doable.
  • Do at least half an hour of exercise. Think cardio!
  • Don’t eat large portions of red meat in every meal.

The biggest tip that could be given to any woman getting married and need to lose weight is to try a natural and revolutionary diet. There are weight loss programs that don’t require extreme effort. The other good news is that you only need less than one month to complete the program and show off your new trimmed figure.

The best and quickest way to drop the kilos and look amazing is by doing the HCG Diet which has 3 different diet plans to suits your weight loss needs and goal weight. Start 2015 as a fresh start to a new you and feel amazing.

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