Grissini Breadsticks | Melba Toast | HCG Diet Food

Grissini Breadsticks | Melba Toast | HCG Diet Food

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 23rd May 2014

Grissini Breadsticks | Melba Toast on the HCG Diet

Which is Better Grissini Breadsticks or Melba toast for The HCG Diet? Eating Grissini Breadsticks and Melba Toast on the HCG Diet

In the past we have talked a lot about which foods are okay to eat on the HCG Diet.You have your different proteins, fruits, vegetables, and let’s not forget about your choice of either Grissini Breadsticks or Melba toast. But every once in a while someone will ask which one is better to eat on the HCG Diet program.

Grissini Breadsticks or Melba toast?Really this all comes down to personal preference. However, a large number of people who have had the opportunity to try both of these food items say that the Grissini Breadsticks are much tastier. We think and would probably have to agree with those people - Grissini Breadsticks are quite delicious. Plus, they come in a variety of wonderful flavors. Now while this may also be true with Melba toast, they too are available in different flavors, but everyone who does the HCG Diet is drawn more toward the Breadsticks. On the other hand, people have always liked the taste of Melba toast over the Grissini Breadsticks. Why? We do not know.

There is one thing that we do know for certain, Melba toast is a little bit easier to come by. During the HCG diet, you cut out all starches and sugars. This is part of what helps you lose weight. There are two starches that are allowed on the HCG diet, however. These are the melba toast and the Grissini breadsticks.

A melba toast is a small piece of bread that is crispy. A Grissini breadstick is a long, thin and crunchy. The HCG diet protocol states that you can have two servings of these per day. This means that at one meal, you may have one melba toast or one Grissini and is also a great idea if you want to grated the breadstick or melba toast over a food for extra flavour.

At the next meal, you may have one Melba toast or one Grissini. You could also use them as a topping on a salad to mimic croutons, or you could top a melba toast with chicken. It would be like eating a small sandwich or cracker.

It’s important to watch your consumption of these two items. You might think that “just one more a day can’t hurt.” We tell you That’s not a good way to think. The HCG diet has been tested time and again using the exact methods outlined in Dr. Simeons’ protocol. There is a reason for every serving suggestion. Stick to the diet to the T , and it will work for you.

Where can I buy Grissini Breadsticks and Melba toast?

Most Woolworth's and Coles supermarket stock them near the deli or in the health or biscuit section. If you are having trouble finding them ask the front desk to help you.

If no luck with the supermarkets try your local health food store.