Stevia drops on the hcg diet

Stevia drops on the hcg diet

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 23rd May 2014

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1. Why sugar and starches not allowed on HCG diet?

2. What flavours is there to buy?

3. Important facts about Stevia

Sugar and starches are prohibited during HCG Diet Program .However, you can use our Stevia Sweet Pleaser as a sugar substitute. Stevia liquid drops on the HCG diet program is highly recommended. This Stevia sweet pleaser is a natural sweetener in a 50ml bottle and comes in nine different flavours which you can buy from our online shop. It is commonly grown in different countries for its sweet leaves.

The sweetness of stevia leaves has a negligible influence on blood glucose. That’s why it is largely used as a sugar substitute in obesity, hypertension, diabetes and high blood pressure. Obese people should take stevia drops or powder instead of sugar in food, tea, coffee etc. As we all know granulated sugar that increases the glucose count in blood makes one fatty. In this situation, stevia comes as a rescue as it is calorie free and comes in 9 different flavours as you can see above.

Flavours 50ml:

Lemon Drops                                                          

Pure Natural

Vanilla Cream                                                                                             

Grape Vine 

Spear Minty

Strawberry Shortcake

Chocolate Splash

Raspberry Splash

Coconut Delight


Important facts about Stevia

0 calorie natural sweetener
0 Sugar
0 Carbs
Flavour enhancer in beverages and food
No side effects in the body
Stevia extracts are 300 times sweeter than granulated sugar

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