Tasty Recipes for Stage Two

Tasty Recipes for Stage Two

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 9th Mar 2015

With this said, once you have reached stage two of your diet plan, you may be deciding which tasty dishes to try first. The HCG diet was created to teach you the right foods to eat. One of the most delicious phase two recipes is the peppercorn steak with tomato. This delicious lean steak requires lemon juice, sea salt, black pepper seasoning and tomato. Each of these ingredients combines to produce a zesty and unforgettable flavor.

Another amazing recipe that you can devour during phase two is the curry prawns. By simply adding garlic paste, water, curry powder, cumin in and black pepper, you can have a delicious addition to your daily diet.

Chicken apple slaw is another recipe that can easily enliven your diet with richness and flavor. All that it requires is shredded cabbage, chicken, diced apples, mustard, stevia and apple cider vinegar. This is a savory, tangy and tasty treat that can keep you motivated.

Another phase 2 favorite is the spaghetti bolognese. By simply adding 500 grams of lean ground need, tomato, garlic, onion, Basil, oregano and HCG diet noodles, you can have a tasty dish without the fear of over-consuming calories.

The breaded chicken cutlets are yet another phase two recipe that is low in calories and high in nutrients and flavor. As delicious as these recipes are, they can assist you in losing weight fast and keeping off the weight.