The Components of an HCG Recipe

The Components of an HCG Recipe

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 12th Dec 2014

The hardest part of starting a new diet is finding dishes that compliment or follow the rules of the new diet plan. Most diet plans have guides and pre-built recipes for users who want to follow the program. Although these are easy and accessible, the lack of variety can cause temptations to deviate from the program and lose progress.

HCG recipes are no exception. In fact, adherence to a very rigid set of guidelines dictates the success and effectiveness of the program. Aggressive plans such as these leave very little to no opportunities for a cheat day. This makes cooking and grocery shopping for HCG diet recipes in Australia a very tricky task.

One of the things that will make it easier is to understand what elements make up a set of recipes for a weight loss program. For those who plan to take HCG diet recipes in Australia, their meals should have a closely observed amount of the following things:

Vegetables – Interestingly, an HCG diet also limits the amount of vegetable intake for users. On the same note, oranges, tomatoes and asparagus are allowable elements in recipes. On top of those, lettuce, radishes and even celery are acceptable inclusions.

Proteins – Naturally, seafood has become a popular inclusion in these recipes due to their protein content. Lobster and crab are some of the more interesting parts of most HCG seafood recipes. It is important to remember that these are to be cooked without skin or bone.

Fruit – The important thing about buying fruit is to do research first on the nutritional content of these food items. Lemons, berries and apples are some of the usual items for HCG diets.

Finally, when it comes to drinks, sticking to mineral water is the most popular choice as it requires no preparation. Herbal tea is safe to use as well.

With these considerations in mind, preparing meals according to one’s current diet phase will make cooking and meal preparation a more rewarding experience. It still allows for creativity in preparing HCG diet recipes in Australia, as well as maintaining strict adherence to the diet regulations.