Tips to be Successful on the Australian HCG Weightloss Program

Tips to be Successful on the Australian HCG Weightloss Program

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 14th Oct 2014

With the help of the HCG diet, it is possible to meet or even exceed your weight loss goals in a very short amount of time. It is critical that the HCG diet program be followed exactly, though, in order to achieve the very best weight loss results. Everyone is different, not only biologically but in so far as lifestyle is concerned as well. Below are some tips to help you not only complete the HCG diet successfully, but to maximize your weight loss results in the process.

Changing the way they eat is easier than for those who are part of a family. Not everyone is going to follow the HCG diet and eat only 500 calories a day. For people in this situation, it is very important to enlist the help and support of their family before beginning the diet program. It will be very difficult to stay on the diet when you have to cook one entree for the family and then one for yourself. The list of approved HCG diet foods contains many healthy options that the whole family can enjoy. When you get to phase 2 of the diet, instead of cooking two meals, cook HCG diet recipes for the whole family and only eat your allotted amount.

On the subject of recipes, if you aren't the most imaginative cook, it will be very helpful to use some of our recipes provided for you on the HCG. There are lots of delicious combinations that can be made using only items found on the list of approved foods. You may just find a few dishes that are so good you decide to continue eating them even after the HCG diet is complete. As a matter of fact, continuing to structure your diet similar to the way you eat during phase 2 of the HCG meal plan is an excellent way to maintain your weight loss once the diet is complete.

Be sure to remove any and all excess fat from your meats before you cook them. The official HCG diet protocol explains this, but many people fail to remove everything. All visible fat is not just the fatty tissue connected to the meat, but it also includes chicken skin. Removing excess fat is necessary in order to ensure that you do not consume extra calories that will put you over your 500 calorie a day limit. Consistency is key to the HCG working its magic on your unwanted stores of fat.