Using the HCG Diet with Friends or Work Mates to Lose Weight

Using the HCG Diet with Friends or Work Mates to Lose Weight

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 24th Mar 2015

If you are interested in following the HCG Diet in order to quickly lose weight, there are several resources you can use on the Internet. One of the best resources for the HCG Diet is HCG Australia Wide, It is a good site to explore and learn about the diet, how to follow it and buy diet aids to help you lose weight in a quick healthy manner.

Diet Information

The website not only contains basic information about the HCG diet, such as what it is and how it works, but it also offers advice about exercising, how to plan meals for the diet, tracking your results. It also helps you determine what foods to eat while following the diet. Since you are only eating a small account of calories, it is helpful to know which foods you should be eating and which to avoid.

The HCG Shop

HCG Australia Wide also offers products to help you while dieting. When you are ready to try the HCG Diet, they offer kits complete with everything you need. The kits are available in 23-day, 42-day and 60-day diet kits. They include everything you need to get started on the HCG Diet, including:

  • HCG drops
  • B12 drops
  • A plastic spoon
  • A CD with recipes, extra tracking sheets, etc.
  • A program booklet with tracking logs for eating and exercising, food planners, etc.

There is also a Friends Diet Kit that offers a 42-day HCG starting kit for two people.

You can also buy extra HCG and B12 drops on the website, diet foods and other diet accessories like kitchen scales, personal care items, and the site even sells diet kits for people who were on the diet before and wish to return to it for another round.

Recipe Ideas

For people on the diet who may be struggling to come up with appropriate foods to eat during each phase of the diet, HCG Australia Wide also offers recipe ideas. Each phase lists appropriate recipes that dieters can try out. Each recipe has easy to follow instructions. Pasta dishes, meat dishes and even desserts are among their recipes.

The website is a good resource for people on the HCG Diet, and they can open an account on the site to order from their store, get support and get other information while they are dieting. If you are thinking starting this diet, get more information from this website.