What is HCG Diet? HCG Diet Program

What is HCG Diet? HCG Diet Program

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 23rd Jun 2014


By now you've probably heard about it: the HCG Diet in Australia. Don't let the negative things you have heard about HCG Diets way you away from our newest weight loss break through...

Our new product: New Life HCG diet drops formula is homeopathic with African mango and tastes great without the bad taste that many other drops do have and are hard to intake. It’s an amazing new blend with African mango is to be taken daily while following the HCG diet in conjunction with a VLCD outlined in the booklet guide provided for you in our weight loss program plans.

The HCG Diet has been around since its discovery in the 1950′s by Dr. ATW Simeons. Who discovered how the hormone was created in pregnant women and how it could be used to naturally trigger the same mechanisms in non-pregnant women. Over the past decades, the protocol had been continuously refined to create one of the most transformative diet plans available for the overweight. By administering small doses of HCG to overweight men and women their appetite would decrease and help them lose weight, specifically to decrease their appetite and help them lose weight around their hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach.

The HCG Protocol allows balance to be restored. Our bodies then naturally remember how to burn any excess fat that we would consume. It is for these reasons that the HCG Protocol has been deemed “The Weight Loss Miracle Cure”. Dr Simeons research outlines the 3 different types of body fat and the proposition that obesity is a medical condition and that the claim that obesity is always caused by “more calories in than calories out “ is not and never has been the whole answer.

It comprises of arigorous diet plan and the use of homeopathic hCG drops. The diet plan allows the body to naturally shed excessive weight and maintain it.

The hCG program comprises of two components, a low-calorie diet plan an the hCG diet drops. The diet program can be categorized into four phases: 1.the hCG initiation 2. Gradual weight loss 3. Weight maintenance. Phase 4: Is the new lifestyle and eating healthy.

We doprovide a copy of Dr Simeons Research “Pounds and Inches” on a CD which isprovided with our main program package kits, it’s highly recommended that you take the time to read the research prior to starting on either the 23 day or 42 day New Life diet program.Reading the complete study will assist you to understand why the HCG diet as explained in the user booklet guide is so to the point and strict. Be assured if you follow the guidelines as described in your booklets, YOU WILL lose those unwanted kilos, and the centimetres you lose will make the effort worthwhile and keep it off for good if you follow the diet program the right way.

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