What's Your Relationship with Food Like?

What's Your Relationship with Food Like?

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 4th Feb 2015

Do you binge on a bag of potato chips when your favorite football or basketball team loses the season game? Do you rip open the last bar of chocolate you purposely hid away at the back of the refrigerator, when you’ve got a beating from your boss at work? If your answer to these questions is a hesitant “yes”, then you unfortunately do not have a very healthy relationship with food.

Food is glorious; food is delectable; food is what we want at any time of the day, or any mood we’re in-whether it’s happy, sad, nervous, angry, embarrassed, or depressed. People go to their specific “comfort” foods to help cheer them up and brighten their day.

Comfort food or junk food is said to induce the release of the “happy hormone”, also known as serotonin, in the brain. And yes, no doubt that some of our comfort foods aren’t always the healthiest. Burgers, pizzas, pastas, or just plain greasy, yet, oh-so-yummy Chinese take-out always seem to put us in a better mood immediately, but the reasons behind why we eat what we eat, defines our relationship with food-good or bad.

To analyze what kind of relationship you have with food, you first need to make a chart of the kinds of food you would eat in a day, week, or month, what times of the day you eat them, and what moods you’re in while eating those foods. It’s natural to snack on junk food every once in a while; after all, we’re only human; but respecting our mind and body, and maintaining a healthy and nutritious food cycle is vital for our health, well-being and self-confidence.

A good relationship with food involves eating the right-sized portions of healthy, nutritious foods like meat, nuts, fish, dairy, vegetables and fruits, at the right times of the day, with a little bit of cheating, here and there. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a bowl of chocolate mousse, as long as you compensate for it later by forgoing a second serving of grandma’s homemade spaghetti meatballs. So what’s your relationship with food like?