Why everyone should try having an Epsom salt bath

Why everyone should try having an Epsom salt bath

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 5th Aug 2015

Epsom salts have long been a natural alternative for healing the human body. Epsom salts are not actually salts but a natural mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. The reason why they are used in baths is because they are easily absorbable through the skin. Magnesium itself is responsible for reducing inflammation, increasing muscle and nerve function, prevention of artery hardening and enzyme regulation. Sulfates are known to improve absorption of minerals, remove toxins and assist with migraine pain. That being said, the natural combination of magnesium and sulfate stores numerous beneficial properties. Here are some great reasons for having an Epsom salt bath. So, take a read, turn on your bath water and mix some Epsom salts in.

Relaxes the body

Had a hard day at work? Feeling drained and tired? When your body is stress, magnesium is drained from the body while adrenaline is increased. Putting a cup of Epsom salts into warm bath water will help the skin absorb and replenish the body's reserve of magnesium. If suffering from depression, Epsom salts help produce serotonin, which is a mood balancing chemical in the brain.

Relieves pain and muscle cramps

If you're experiencing sore muscles and inflammation, this is probably the best method for pain relief and muscle cramps. Magnesium absorbs into the skin, with mineral interfering with the receptors that trigger pain. Epsom salts Place half a cup of Epsom salts in a tub of warm water, sit back and let the Epsom salts do the work. In addition, if you have any cuts, Epsom salts will also help with healing minor wounds.

Relieve skin conditions

Laid out in the sun for too long? Suffering from psoriasis? The anti-inflammatory properties in Epsom salts assist in healing sunburned skin and other various skin conditions such as eczema ad psoriasis. The salts themselves can be used as an exfoliate, with the mineral rich salts turning rough, dry skin into smooth, calming skin.

Epsom salts are a great natural alternative to muscle relaxants, Tylenol and cortisone creams. Give Epsom salts Skin conditions, pain, migraines, this miracle salt is an all-in-one cure to most of your pains. You can use Epsom salts up to three times a week depending on the severity of your condition. Remember to consult a physician prior to using it.