Why is water important in our diet?

Why is water important in our diet?

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 9th Jul 2014

Water is obviously the most vital nutrient as well as the most plentiful substance in human body system. Water contains about 3 quarters of human mass as well as is a major part in each cell. Our body is made by sixty percent water and is continually losing water throughout a variety of physiologic mechanisms. Going to the bathroom, Sweating along with even inhalation cause the body to lose some water. Without refilling this huge loss, either by food intake, drinking liquids or by further extreme measures like or tube feeding, intravenous fluids, severe repercussions may occur.

How Much Water Must You Drink On The HCG Diet?

This looks like to be an easy question. On the other hand, you will get different answers depending on who you ask. The most ordinary recommendation is that the people drink between 2 to 4 liters of water every day While on the HCG Diet Program. Yes that’s a lot of water to drink and yes it will be hard to try and drink at first but it will get easier as you go along on the diet.

There are 6 fundamental reasons why restore water in human body on daily basis is vital for managing body weight under control during HCG program.


Metabolism and digestion:

These are 2 functions that are predominantly concerned to controlling body weights. If you aren't taking sufficient water, you can jeopardy impairing the two functions to a definite degree. Sufficient water makes sure that both metabolism and digestion are functioning at their occupied capacity.


The Water filling:

By drinking 2 to 4 liters of water on the HCG Diet Program, an individual can assist to control the appetite and water can fill up your stomach so that you need not to overeat and helps to flush out bad toxins and stored fats from your body.


The thirst hunger reaction:

When an individual are dehydrated, the body may indicate to eat when really require the water and it does similar thing for a range of nutritional requirements. For example, the body may require sodium, so it indicates you to consume food containing salt. However, all you actually want is salt without the extra calories within the food.

Better exercises:

You can exercise on Phase 3 effectively as well as at superior levels while you are taking sufficient water.

Muscle requires more water:

Muscle is composed of approximately seventy percent of water, while fat is comprised of fewer than twenty percent of water. A lot of advantages of exercise are that an individual keep up as well as yet adjoin muscles weights which turn to burn excess fat.

Glycogen storage:

Glycogen is a type of carbohydrate stock up in the muscles and it can be utilized as energy while you exercise. As you know, the more you healthy become, the more glycogen is stock up in the muscles. Each gram of the glycogen contains approximately 2.5 -3 grams of the water. As a result, the more you healthy are, the more water will contain in the body and the more water you require every day. Being healthier allows to burn calories at higher rate.