HCG Premium Detoxify Drops | 3

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Package contains:

  • 3 x 50ml Homeopathic oral (sub-lingual) HCG Premium Detoxify Drops with dropper
  • 1 x Plastic Spoon

Product description: 

Do you need to do another round of the drops to lose a few or more kilos and you just want to buy the bottles on there own without the booklet or return customer booklet download because you already have it from your last order? 

This discounted price is just for the three HCG Premium Detoxify Drop bottles on there own for customers who have done our Detox Diet Program previously and know how to follow the program with the right understanding. These drops are Homeopathic with no flavour.

It is not recommended to initially purchase our Detoxify drops alone without reading the whole Detox Program Guide first. With its helpful information and tips provided must be strictly followed. Just taking the drops alone without the associated diet/program will not work. They are genuine Homeopathic remedy made in the traditional way.