Frequently Asked Questions

What does homeopathic mean?

Homeopathy is the second most widely used medical system in the world. It's a more natural form of treatment. Homeopathy is effective, natural and safe without danger.


Who is Dr Simeons?

This diet was created by Dr. Simeons, MD in the 1950-60s. It has been proven to work over many years and for many thousands of his patients. It works if you follow it to the letter as so many have happily proven.


Should I have a prescription?

Whenever considering a weight loss program, consult with your healthcare provider. With that said, homeopathic drops do not require a prescription.


Should women start the New Life Program when on their period?

The best time for women to start the weight loss program is immediately after their period or menstruation cycle.


Can vegetarians do this program for weight loss?

Yes vegetarians can do this program


Can pregnant women do this diet?

It’s not advisable to diet while pregnant or if you are nursing your baby. Check with your doctor first.


Can men do this program?

Yes, men find great success


What does sublingually mean?

It means under the tongue.


Is the product bottle a good quality?

Don’t accept blue cosmetic grade, cheap plastic bottles for a product you are going to put into your body.We won’t use blue cosmetic grade plastic. Our product is made in amber medical grade glass. Our Australian suppler sterilize all bottles and droppers before ingredients is put into the bottles. All lids are sealed tamper proof; you break this seal when you open the bottle.


Do your products have to be listed or approved by the TGA in Australia?

Our product is manufactured in a sterile laboratory and from an Australia supplier. It does not contain hormones from human or animal sources. We do not import any part of our product or ingredient from Asia. Our product is a genuine homeopathic remedy made the traditional way. We comply with the Australian TGA Requirements: Remedies contain sufficient alcohol to prevent growth of micro organisms in the purified water. Our labels are accurate as per TGA standards. The FDA has given homeopathic remedies an explicit waiver from the requirement to put expiration dates on bottles of medicine. There is no shelf life or expiry for homeopathy if stored correctly.