Motivation to lose weight

For many people, weight loss is a real struggle. Which is understandable, as weight loss is hard work. However, it doesn’t need to be a bad experience. If you’re needing the motivation to lose weight, here are some tips to help you start your new diet. Weight loss may be exercise and diet, but it’s also very psychological. 


Don’t over think it.

The more you dwell about it, the harder is it to achieve it. Losing weight is not one one-time thing, but rather a lifestyle change.  You’re transitioning into a new, healthy person. Enjoy creating and experimenting with new meals, try an activity you’ve never done before. Join a yoga class or try rock climbing! Get into the groove of having fun while being adventurous and active. Feeling healthy and energized will change your life!

Think slim

Visualize yourself as the new you, think slim. This will help you motivate yourself to start the HCG diet and begin the transition into who you want to be. Visualize yourself as who you want to be. Picture yourself wearing what you want a being beautiful, confident and radiant while doing so. Now, begin your transition into that. 

Clean out the closet

If you’re having problems starting your weight loss journey, clean out the clutter in your life to feel more focused and calm. Go through your closet and get rid of not only the clutter but of any clothes that are too big or don’t make you feel confident. Practice loving yourself.

Take down the supermodel photos

If you have cuts out of supermodels stuck to your wall, take them down. Having an unhealthy image of weight loss will more likely deter you from losing weight. Everybody is different, and having a single ideal body image in your head gives you unrealistic standards.Focus on yourself!

Think fit, be fit

Don’t wait to lose weight. Do all the activities you want regardless if you lost the weight or not. If you prohibit yourself from doing things you want to do prior to losing weight, you will only punish yourself. 

Keep your motivation hanging on the mirror

Are you trying to fit into the new dress you bought? Keep it hanging by your mirror, so that every morning you see your goal. If you’re feeling down, just look at your motivating article and visualize yourself in it. Losing weight isn’t easy. However, by doing so, you will overcome many internal conflicts within yourself and learn about your strengths and weaknesses. It will be a life-changing journey that is worth the ups and downs.