My Plate After Completing The Diet

Healthy Snack Ideas After Completing The Diet Program

So, you just finished your diet program and you’re looking and feeling great. Of course, you want to keep your new body and lifestyle which means you’ll need to change a couple aspects of your life - specifically with food. Let’s look at the ways you can make healthy choices and keep the kilos off.


My Plate After The Diet

Now that you’ve completed the diet, you may be tempted to go back to your previous eating habits since you’ve lost weight. However, now, you must be more conscious of what you put into your mouth. You’ll want to look at your lunch and dinner plate like a pie chart. This will help you stay on track with your eating and curb any unnecessary overeating. 


What should make up the largest portion of your meal?

Now that you see your plate in a more visual way, you’ll be on the right path for healthy eating. You want half your plate filled with vegetables, with the other half divided into two-quarters, one-quarter for protein and the other for carbohydrates. Though fruits are important in your daily diet, you need to be mindful of the sugar content in fruit. That being said, stay away from extremely sweet fruits, as they contain the most sugar. The daily average serving for eating fruits and vegetables are five servings per day. Depending on the fruit you’re eating, limit the daily intake to three servings a day. 

Great idea to buy yourself a Portion Plate guide until you get the hang of it.  


Why it’s important what goes on my plate and in my mouth?

It’s important to know what is going into your mouth as it impacts your overall health and body. Though you need to know what you’re eating, you also need to eat depending on your physical activity as well. If you’re working out every day but not eating enough, you will deprive your body of essential nutrients and fuel.