Loofah glove

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  • 1 x Microfiber glove
  • Cleans and revitalizes the skin
  • Gently exfoliates unwanted dead skin cells
  • Effective in stimulating blood circulation
  • Two side different function: One Side for washing - Cotton / One Side for exfoliating
  • Comes in Pink and cream. Colour will be posted out random colour


Product description:

For a circulating boosting, exfoliating scrub, try wearing these bath and shower favorites.


Step 1

Wet down all of your skin in the shower or bath so that the skin cells are moistened and have had a chance to soften in the warm water.

Step 2

Put the glove on your hand and wet down the glove in the water. Apply body soap into your gloved hand.

Step 3

Scrub your body using gentle, circular motions starting from your feet and working your way up to your shoulders. Sweep over each area of your skin a few times with the mitt, but avoid scrubbing ferociously so that you don't aggravate the skin.

Step 4

Scrub for a bit longer around the heels of the feet, the knees and the elbows or any areas that are prone to harden and toughen up from exposure to the elements.

Step 5

Apply gentle pressure to areas like the inner thigh, the neck and the stomach. These areas have much more sensitive skin and should only require a couple of passes to remove dead skin cells.

Step 6

Rinse off the glove and your body once you have finished exfoliating.