What body shape are you?

What body shape are you? What does this mean?

The beautiful thing about the body is that it comes in many different shapes and sizes. Body shape tells a lot about the human body. The combination of muscle and fat distribution actually determines your body shape. Let’s take a look at the various body shapes.


The va-va-voom body is also known as the hourglass body shape. Curvy from head-to-toe, this is typically the desired Marilyn Monroe body shape. Hourglass bodies tend to have more estrogen due to their wider hips and breasts which make them most desirable for pregnancy. An hourglass body has to be mindful that their weight is gained on their hips and chest which can lead to health issues such as diabetes and estrogen dominate illnesses.


If you have an apple body shape, you will most likely have smaller shoulders and hips, with slender legs and glutes. However, your fat will typically collect around your stomach and back. With this body type, due to the area of where your fat collects, a larger waist does place you in a higher risk for heart disease. 


Triangle body types usually have a curvaceous bottom and a smaller waist. Like the hourglass figure, the triangle is a classic feminine shape. Triangles have increased fertility and pregnancy due to their higher estrogen levels that place more weight on the hips. The high estrogen can cause health-related issues, as well as other weight-related illnesses.


The ruler body shape is straighter with only a slight curve at the hips. Their torso is relatively straight, with their shoulders being the same width as the torso. Rulers have a high hip-to-waist ratio, with this being a risk for certain diseases. Typically though, rulers are generally thin throughout the body. By keeping their Body Mass Index in a healthy range, they will lower the risk of disease. 

Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangles tend to have athletic body types. Inverted triangles have broad shoulders and chest with a smaller torso and waist. Their weight tends to be gained around their abdomen and back. The excess fat can place strain on vital organs such as kidneys, liver, and heart.  

Nobody is perfect! Embrace the body that you have and be mindful what your body type is prone too. Whatever your body type is, enjoy the body you have and take care of yourself.